Extraversion discussion

What did you find interesting about this week’s personality reading? You can either write about personality theory in general (the first several slides), or the trait of extraversion. Your post should be 50+ words and it’s due Friday 9/10. Then, please reply to 2 classmates […]

Personality Test

I like this test because it shows you your absolute scores, as well as your scores relative to other test takers. You’ll occasionally see questions that say “This is an attentiveness check…” you need to follow the instructions you see on these questions or the test will mark your […]


I think one of the hardest parts about taking online classes is that it’s harder to meet people. You have to make an intentional effort to interact with your classmates or it might not ever happen! You’ll be participating in weekly discussions and eventually our […]

Rough Draft

Flesh out your outlines by finding quotes that support your TS Points. Then develop ideas within your paragraphs–find the connections between your points and the text. Add in some quotes. Explain their significance. Dig below the surface. You can also add in the Introduction and […]

Group Plays

Please post your group (or individual) plays here. While I will chalk this one up to not really the best outcome for all, I think we all enjoyed the ones we did see and totally appreciate the effort that many of you put into them. […]

Post Essay #1

Please post your Essay #1 here by Friday at 7:00. If you meet with a tutor or SI, you may turn it in by midnight with no late penalty. (You do not need to print out your final draft, but please make sure you submit […]